You think big.

And, we live for it. Our thematic research provides a data-driven approach to partnering with glass-eating entrepreneurs and category winners who think you.

Main Themes of Investment

Future of Work

New technologies, processes and solutions will be key in addressing changes in today’s workplace.

Software 3.0

Ubiquity, interoperability, and decentralization provide infinite opportunities for software innovations.

Retail (R)evolution

Shifts in preferences and modes of interaction will have consumers experience retail in entirely new ways.

Digital Health

Today’s innovations are allowing consumers to reclaim their own health and wellness.

The University Unbundled

The pandemic has forced a rethinking of physical learning spaces and has revitalized online learning.

Digital Dependents

Traditional workflows, services, and relationships are rapidly being pressed to a “digital-only” paradigm.


From banks to record labels to agents — transactions are bypassing intermediaries and gaining margin.

Reimagining Marketplaces

The next wave of disruption will foster specialized markets, enhanced supply chains, and consumers as creators.

We invest in themes. Not sectors.

We invest in themes, not sectors

We live in a very different world today. The best ideas aren’t confined to a single sector, but instead are disruptive across multiple industries. That’s why our approach to investing doesn’t focus on sectors. We focus on themes.

We operate as partners first and find entrepreneurs with the shared ambition to build category defining companies. We start with our themes to identify early market leaders with a differentiated approach to solving a fundamental market problem for their customers.

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