Brent Pearson, Founder and CEO of Enboarder

Transforming People Programs

Brent Pearson, Founder and CEO of Enboarder, started Enboarder in 2015 after a successful career at numerous companies in the HR Tech space. The team at Enboarder has created the leading SaaS product focused on empowering companies to get the best out of their people by engaging employees in a unique and positive Employee Experience. NCV Co-Founder Thomas Ball cold emailed Brent after hearing he was moving the company from Australia to Austin and since has been actively involved in helping scale the business.

Julia Cheek
Portfolio Spotlight

We walk alongside our portfolio founders

Portfolio Spotlight

We walk alongside our portfolio founders

The Future of Digital Healthcare

Julia Cheek, Founder of EverlyHealth, joined the Next Coast family when raising a Series A in 2017. Since the early days, Next Coast Co-Founder, Mike Smerklo, has sat on the board and played an active role mentoring Julia as the company has grown from a groundbreaking idea into a company that is redefining the future of digital healthcare. We are proud to be part of the story!

And those stories are just the tip of the iceberg

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Our Approach

The Next Coast Way

Our thematic research provides a data-driven approach to partnering with glass-eating entrepreneurs and category winners.


First, we choose our investing themes (sectors are overrated).


Then, we partner with glass-eating entrepreneurs operating within those themes.


Finally, we use our experienced resources to send their companies into hyper-growth.

Our Themes
Our Platform

We thrive in the "make or break” stage of the journey

We’ve been entrepreneurs and have journeyed through the crucial stage of the journey.  Taking from our own experiences, we created our dream list of resources for founders to hit that first goal...then the next goal, then the next goal. It’s everything we wish we’d had known when building our companies.


“Roll Up Your Sleeves” Help

Our founders work side-by-side with the Next Coast Partners who were all successful operators before entering venture capital. The partners share pragmatic advice from personal experience versus just patterns they have recognized from their portfolio of companies.

The Partners

Expert Network

Our founders are granted access to an expert network of 150+ individuals who are currently running companies or have successfully run companies.

The Experts

Company Building Playbooks

Our partners developed specific plays with the goal of providing real results for our portfolio companies, from KPI development for product/market fit to recruiting and succession strategies.

The Examples

Dedicated Next Coast Team Member

The Head of Platform is a partner-level role at our firm solely dedicated to solving mission critical initiatives for our founders. In other words, we want to make sure our founders are always taken care of. The Head of Platform is here to ensure Next Coast Ventures is doing all we can to support our portfolio founders and their operations as they scale.

The Head of Platform
Our Purpose

Built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs

We founded Next Coast because we want to share the winning strategies that we learned when we were building our ventures. Our goal is to help founders cut down on the learning curve of launching a business and not repeat the mistakes we’ve already army-crawled our way through.

Leveraging our extensive experience as both operators and investors, we really are “built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.”

Our Team
Our Purpose. We're built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.