Founders, is your brand hard to find online?

Megan Lanz
January 21, 2022
August 29, 2022

Is this your company? You have an official company name, but your domain name and social media handles are all different variations of it, making your company near impossible to find online.

This grave mistake can lead to brand confusion...and even, decreased brand equity and customer loyalty.

Oftentimes, purchasing an expensive domain name is not be a good investment for an early stage venture. So, there are two steps to avoid making this mistake:

1. Select one (and only one) official handle. 

Many brands with names that are more "common" words, will add a relevant verb in front of their name...shoutout to @DrinkBoxt.

2. Standardize it across all social media platforms. 

Here's a quick checklist to see if/where you need to standardize your brand name:

✓ Domain name (Snag similar ones too! Keep your options open.)
✓ Medium
✓ Twitter
✓ LinkedIn
✓ Facebook
✓ TikTok
✓ Pinterest
✓ Instagram
✓ Google My Business Page
✓ AngelList
✓ YouTube

Forward this blog to your Marketing/Ops person today. This quick fix can boost your brand before the end of the day today. Anything to add to the list or stories to share? Send us a note at


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Megan Lanz

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Head of Marketing

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