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Announcing Our Latest Investment: AlertMedia

Michael Smerklo
October 11, 2017
August 29, 2022

Today, Next Coast Ventures is proud to announce that we have led the $8mm Series B round in Austin-based AlertMedia. This is a pretty big deal for us and we get the opportunity to work with a great local company led by a very talented entrepreneur.

Brian Cruver, Founder and CEO

Brian Cruver, AlertMedia’s founder and CEO, has spent the last four years building a really intelligent company with market-leading technology, and has surrounded himself with an incredibly strong team of Austin executives.

We are always first and foremost looking for the very best entrepreneurs building disruptive businesses in big markets, and Brian and his team couldn’t fit the bill any better.

AlertMedia had interest from just about every venture capital firm – both locally and across the country – so we are very fortunate that they chose Next Coast Ventures to lead the round. We’re especially thrilled to be part of a genuinely Austin-born company that is also backed by ATX Seed Ventures and Silverton Partners. Adding Next Coast to the investment group is proof of not just how vibrant the Austin investment ecosystem is for great companies like AlertMedia, but how local investment dollars can support these businesses throughout their lifecycle.

But wait, there is more…

We got really excited about AlertMedia because the market they serve is absolutely massive, the solution they provide is simple and intuitive, and the need for their technology grows more and more important every day. The solution they provide is highly visible not only here in Texas, but across the nation and even the world.

So, what exactly does Alert Media do?

They address an issue that is tangibly affecting people in the U.S. and beyond: crucial necessity and ease of communicating in times of emergency. They provide mass communication software that is powerful, yet easy-to-use. The dashboard enables customers to send and receive critical communications via any channel (voice, app, email, text, Slack, social media, etc.) using one simple, mobile platform. In short: AlertMedia helps organizations easily communicate more effectively through multiple channels, especially in times of emergency or change. If you open Twitter or turn on any news network and see Puerto Rico, Mexico City or Las Vegas, you know this is an issue.

In fact, AlertMedia recently helped dozens of their customers communicate during Hurricane Harvey, mitigating loss and improving safety outcomes for people during this natural disaster.

But it doesn’t just stop there, over half of AlertMedia’s customers use it for important day-to-day business communication and operational activities like setting schedules, dispatching deliveries and/or HR notifications.  Their customers are in over 80 countries across all industries, and with no nation or business immune to times of change, every enterprise is a possible customer of AlertMedia.

Our excitement about AlertMedia wasn’t just about the great product they had developed. The investment opportunity was also right in the intersection of two of our investment themes: the rapidly changing future of work and full-stack business models. We believe the future of work is changing as it relates to mobile workforce, BYOD and multiple communication channels (voice, text, messenger, etc.). These changes can make all of us more effective, but they can also make communication even more challenging and overwhelming. AlertMedia provides a clean solution that enables communication across multiple devices and modalities.

We also love full-stack business models because they can offer solutions in the marketplace that are comprehensive and easy to use. AlertMedia has both a SaaS and a monitoring solution – together, these two solutions offer its customers a cutting-edge product that is second to none in the marketplace.

But, most importantly to us and our founding mission, this opportunity was a great fit for our “Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs” motto. We look to find the very best entrepreneurs who are building disruptive business in huge markets and try and help them in any way we can. Brian truly fits the model of one of the best entrepreneurs in the market, and he and his team have worked tirelessly to build a great company the old-fashion way: by maniacal focus on the customer. At Next Coast, we look to help our entrepreneurs just like this with every tool at our disposal – and we are proud to have been selected to partner with Brian and the AlertMedia team for the next phase of their journey.

Michael Smerklo

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