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Changing face of education
The skill-sets of the future are radically different than what are encompassed in today’s education curriculums. From pre-k to advanced degrees, technology can expand the universe of available knowledge and create new paradigms around how we learn. We get super excited about the potential for the democratization of education to create new platforms to access, consume and share knowledge.
Digital natives becoming digital consumers
The next generation of consumers is here - “Digital Natives” - and their expectations yield new opportunities to reimagine just about every business model. How, what and where we buy is rapidly changing as their generation of purchasing power comes online and their influence will be felt everywhere.
The rapidly changing future of work
What is “work” is being reimagined - and so is the “how” and the “where” (we won't touch the “why”!) In short, how we create, collaborate and communicate to produce work is rapidly changing. As such, the skills, tools and strategies across all aspects of work are up for debate, reinvention and innovation.
Software-powered, “full-stack” business models
Is it an application? Is it a service? Who cares if it drives a better outcome for the customer or consumer. We see new business models emerging that disrupt entire supply chains, customer experiences and traditional business models. We love “full-stack” business models that do it all, and in the process, radically improve the experience for the end customer.
The old way of retail is dead ... what’s next?
Shopping has become a fully integrated experience from device to store and consumer expectations have changed as a result. Today, we shop in a holistically different manner than how we did ten years ago and in ten years, we’ll say the same thing. We see a world where the very word “retail” will be completely redefined - and new businesses and business models will emerge as part of this redefinition.
Marketplaces making business models more efficient
The digital renaissance has catalyzed a proliferation and dispersal of buyers and sellers - marketplaces unite them - across the global economy. This has created more options for buyers and new targets for sellers. Marketplaces create growth opportunities (and threats) on a unique scale for just about every business model and industry.
Software, Version 3.0
Software applications are powering the Second Machine Age and the entire traditional enterprise - and software industry - are under attack. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and computer power are all coming together to redefine “software” and “applications”. We see a new wave of cloud applications that will far surpass the traditional limits of enterprise applications - and we like it!

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