Built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs


We invest in entrepreneurs who are building disruptive companies in big markets.

At Next Coast, we focus on supporting the best entrepreneurs in the world as they build their businesses. We love the passion our entrepreneurs bring to solving big problems. And market size is important because life is too short to focus on the small stuff.


Built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs

Next Coast Ventures was born in 2015 with a simple vision to create a different kind of venture capital firm focused on ‘Next Coast’ businesses. We believe venture capital is best performed by a team that has experience in entrepreneurship. We know that being an entrepreneur is really difficult — one of the most challenging jobs there is — but also one of the most rewarding. And we are here to help our entrepreneurs in any way we can.


What makes a Next Coast entrepreneur?

The old venture capital model is dying just like the old methods of starting a business. At Next Coast, we don’t focus on sectors. We focus on bigger technology themes and how these themes can lead to disruption and innovation. We look for entrepreneurs focused on tackling a big theme and turning it into a massive business.