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Headquarters: Austin, TX
Founded: 2016
Founders: Scott AbelKevin SchellDave Rathmann



Umuse is a communication integration platform that seamlessly integrates your email and chat applications. It combines Gmail and Slack into one inbox allowing you to save, search and archive your emails and attachments into a virtual workspace that's powered by machine learning. It enables you to create 'inner circles' and uses AI to prioritize important information and weed out spam.


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Scott AbelKevin Schell and Dave Rathmann are the founders of Umuse. Scott was previously the founder of Spiceworks and Motive, so he has an incredibly strong perspective on product-market fit, software development and pain points in the IT communities. He is a graduate of UT Austin and has incredibly deep roots in the Austin innovation community. Kevin has been working alongside Scott since his years at Motive, where he served as an architect as well as at Spiceworks, where he served as the executive director of development. Kevin's extensive knowledge in how each of these applications are built is the reason Umuse is able to so seamlessly integrate their functionality while still providing an easy-to-use UI. Dave has also been with Scott since his early days at Umuse, he served both as an engineer and as the director of product advertising. He rounds out this impressive founding team with his understanding of how software engineering and advertising intersect. 




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